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We would like to introduce you to Jabberwocky Supper Club.

When we first opened The Staffroom (often just called “the” speakeasy), we would invite local chefs and sommeliers to hold a “Supper Club” behind the bookshelf. Hosted by local raconteur and man about town Jamie Martinyuk, these one offs became a fun canvas for experimentation and creativity.

The pandemic has challenged us and our operations in many ways. While we enjoyed refinishing the floors and reorganizing the dry storage, we have been dying to be creative again. In that vein, we give you Jabberwocky supper club. Our menu will change every week. Different themes and ideas will be explored without the constraints of authenticity and pretension.

We invite you to enjoy it with us. Chef Razmon Poisson will run the cookery. Shane Gifford will run the floor. Our aim is to bring you fun and innovative cuisine and drinks in a casual and quirky environment. Welcome home. We launch Wednesday September 22nd. Our winter covid hours will be Wed-Sat 5-10

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Jun 29 - Jul 02


Soup (vegan): Watermelon gazpacho, pickled chilis, soy-basil foam 13
Salad (vegan): Arugula, garlic scapes, strawberries, sherry vinaigrette 13
Scallops Ceviche: Rhubarb, lemon-orange agua chili, mint, basil foam, makki ki roti 26
Beef Tataki: Sturgeon caviar, salted egg yolk 30
Cheese: Bois de Grandmont, poached grapes grilled & glazed w/ honey butter, apricot, cashews 25
Plantain gnocchi & Morels (can be made vegan w/ mushroom sauce): Lamb curry sauce, roasted sage 23
Parsnip Bark (vegan): Mushroom purée, puffed farro, toasted garlic, fried parsnip skins 24


Cornish Hen: Fire roasted morel mushrooms, dijon-herb glaze, honey butter, parsnip silk 45
Spot prawn Pipian Verde: Pumpkin seed mole, green chilies mint, basil, pickled fennel, seared potato 37
Linguine Al Pistachio (vegan): Pistachio sauce, lemon, toasted green peppercorn, cherry tomatoes, red onion, crushed pistachios (add braised lamb 10) 33


Mayan Chocolate Ice cream (vegan): Pistachio-orange cookies, blueberry crunch, tequila macerated strawberries 14
Lemon-Lychee Tart: Torched meringue, apricot compote, toasted sesame brittle, orange-blueberry coulis 14
Please inform us of any allergies. While all care is taken, we cannot guarantee the prevention of cross-contamination of ingredients used in our kitchen.